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Pronájem bytů, domů a pokojů - Caniço

Celkem 22 úžasných nabídek.
Flatio pozitivně hodnotí více než 6 800 spokojený klient
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Your prices are definitely better than Airbnb as is your customer service so I would be inclined to use you again and I have already referred someone. The most important thing is fast response when I reach out to customer service and knowing I can reach someone if something is not right with the accommodations
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Lisa R.
Prožila 14 dní v Caniço
Very well organized website.
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Jovana P.
Prožila 21 dní v Praha
We really do appreciate Flatio. This is the 3rd tie we have used and find this a fantastic site. You know what ups are paying for and can easily confirm this with the property. I have already recommended this site to a few other people.
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Silvana G.
Prožila 22 dní v Porto
Easy to use platform! Excellent customer support! Highly recommended!
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Ana N.
Prožila 3 měsíce v Peniche
The apartment was amazing and the communication was quick and any difficulties resolved.
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Triantafylo M.
Prožila 15 dní v Praha
I've used Flatio multiple times now and I've been super pleased with the ease of the online functionalities and the professionalism of the Flatio staff and landlords.
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Carla L.
Prožila 1 měsíc v Praha
It's so useful to have flexible cancellation policies.
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Grady P.
Prožil 20 dní v Budapešť
A very convenient way to find a place to stay in another city.
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Oleg F.
Prožil 14 dní v Varšava
Maybe a mop to clean the floors would be appreciated, besides that - it was great!
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Lenka D.
Prožila 17 dní v Teplice
Everything is perfect with this website, it is quite easy to use as well as the customer service being very efficient
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Sacha B.
Prožil 2 měsíce v Praha
You are great. Always available to answer to our questions. I always felt secure with you.
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António R.
Prožil 2 měsíce v Praha
Just the 30 days cancelation period is too big. You can lower it to 10 days since this is not renting for long terms site.
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Deni P.
Prožil 1 měsíc v Praha
Flatio pozitivně hodnotí více než 6 800 spokojený klient
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