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Flatio pozitivně hodnotí více než 3 300 spokojený klient
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Good communication with the call centre.
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Andrea M.
Prožila 4 mesiace v Praha
A very convenient way to find a place to stay in another city.
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Oleg F.
Prožil 14 dní v Varšava
Very good and quick way to find accomodation in another city.
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Oleg F.
Prožil 1 mesiac v Varšava
Flatio were present when we needed it (especially because of the Covid situation). Quick reply from them everytime. They make things work properly, we really appreciated.
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Capliez N.
Prožila 2 mesiace v Praha
It was easy to rent an apartment without much bureaucracy (since the contract is available on the website and you can pay the rent through the website as well).
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Lais R.
Prožila 2 mesiace v Praha
It’s fast and reliable
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Pascale C.
Prožila 1 mesiac v Praha
Just the 30 days cancelation period is too big. You can lower it to 10 days since this is not renting for long terms site.
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Deni P.
Prožil 1 mesiac v Praha
Compared with similar (and a lot bigger) plaforms, I consider the most important the security and garantee of finding a solution if something's wrong with your booking.
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Jose, Flatio for Business
Prožili 19 dní v Bratislava
Maybe a mop to clean the floors would be appreciated, besides that - it was great!
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Lenka D.
Prožila 17 dní v Teplice
Flatio is very practical and every time I needed to contact the customer support, I was promptly answered with satisfcation.
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Raul, Flatio for Business
Prožili 1 mesiac v Viedeň
Fast and prompt response
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Biljana M.
Prožila 29 dní v Praha
very satisfied, resolved all my issues. Very helpful and assistance was always provided.
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Sadeeka A.
Prožila 25 dní v Praha
Flatio pozitivně hodnotí více než 3 300 spokojený klient
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2 690  / za měsíc
90  / noc
za 17 hodín
Zľava 7 % 2 800  / za měsíc
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87  / noc
Spouštíme Flatio pro firmy
Fully furnished flats for 1–12 months for your employees during long business trips. internships, relocation or business expansion.
za 17 hodín
Zľava 9 % 3 672  / za měsíc
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